The Winter "Open Hut" Solo Traverse - Feburary 29, 2004

This hike was inspired partly by a thread on the AMC bulletin board in which the comment below was offered, referring to the AMC huts that are open in winter.

"There's no way you could go from one to the other in a day"

I want to thank everyone who participated in the discussion on the AMC for planting the seed of this memorable and challenging winter adventure, Steve Smith for helping me research the hut traverse history, and my hiking friends who helped fine tune the route. Cath Goodwin accompanied me for a repeat of this traverse less than 2 weeks later, starting on a fine moonlit night on March 11.

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"There is an ecstasy in sustained motion among beautiful surroundings, in breezing over a mountain range seeing the whole gamut of views and lights and shadows in a single day, and coming in full of life and hungry at the end" - Herbert Malcolm

The Final Obstacle - Lafayette from Garfield Ridge

Wild Whites

The Foxtrot Traverse

Twins to Garfield

Winter "Open Hut"
Solo Traverse

Winter "Open Hut"
Team Traverse


Homemade Alcohol
Stove Winter Test

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