Winterized Alcohol Stove Test 1

These two pieces are what I used for spacer/ insulator to keep the heat of the alcohol stove from melting into the stove pad.

The top piece is the top of a Labatt's Pint sized "ICE" beer, essentially an oversized beer can. ( Make sure to dispose of the contents properly if you do happen to use one of these, preferably after you make the jet holes in the stove - a task that takes a steady hand.)

I used a paper hole punch to make 18 holes around the perimeter to allow cold air to pass between this piece and the insulating pad below. I cut out the center, which was probably not necessary, and put a round piece of foil faced bubble wrap insulation in the underside, just above the vent holes.

A piece of firm 1/2 foam from a floor tile is wrapped in a piece of MSR windscreen foil leftover from my customization of the foil screen for this project - this is to keep the heat of the stove from melting this top foam piece, which it will without the foil shield.

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Winter Stove Base Pieces