Apples and Foliage Autumn Stream Albany, Vermont Bald Knob
Perfect Maple Farm Cow Crossing- East Montpelier Coventry Village Barn and Sugar Maples
Beech Leaves Bovine Weathervane Worcester Range and Old West Church Capital Foliage - Montpelier, Vermont
Pond at Starksboro Silver Ledge - Groton State Park Simply Red Evergreen Glen
White Birch -Worcester Pasture and Hillside Aspens and Worcester Range Red Barn - Plainfield
Maples and Stormy Sky - Holland, Vermont North Calais Road Old Sugar Shack - Montpelier Paddler on Bliss Pond
Maple Branches Leaf in Moss Maple Leaf on Branch
Lone Cow on Hollister Hill Holstein Duo and Foliage Horse and Foliage - North Calais Maple Tree and Old Dodge Truck
George Fram - Calais Groton Village Hall at Number 10 Pond - North Calais Mixed Woods - East Montpelier
Field and Woods Maples in Snowstorm Spider Web on Leaf Sugar Maple Leaves

Sugar Maples Birch Trunk and Maple Tree Draft Horse, Oak Tree and Barn Frosty Maple Leaves